The secret of reign Croft: 1 # Chapter

The secret of reign Croft
# Chapter 1: an old Letter

In one of the most distinguished of England lived a couple of amazing skill that lived in a mansion where all your desires were meets gone.Trained without ceasing all its abilities gained with great study and persistence.Loved reading and one of his favorite books was of Greek mythology, when lia was travelling in an eternal world and full of adventures.One day he met one of his favorite books and found that there was a certain failure on the cover, soon took his knife and began to rip, there was a certain letter from appeared old, soon began to read and in the letter contained a text which said:

"For my only daughter.Lara too long since you lost his mother and had no whim, must have been difficult to be created only by men and not have had the great maternal love, unfortunately the time it was stolen from us and from both sides were lost, I know that a very young age was difficult to endure, but we managed to overcome together, it is with great honor that I leave this letterI knew that my little Lara would follow in front and would be a great Archaeologist, so I leave that burden on his back this means that failed once again to try te rid of that evil that've been loading so long, never forget "the sea suffers large constâncias more fear if loses overcoming the challenges" and with this sentence from Catherine that conclude this small Charter. "
His father James Richard Croft.

Lara is pale of fear while reading the exciting letter from his father, thought vacant soon emerged and reminded of how it was good to stay beside the person who cared for her and trained to be a strong, intelligent woman and always in search of adventure, began the search for answers and thinking that that letter couldn't be atoa.Began looking for this person that her father has cited in his letter and soon realized that there was no record of that woman named Catherine.

-Lara's Thoughts:
"This letter made me believe that I have to discover the past about my family, so many years living in this House and never researched secret passages that could get me the answers iniguimaticas, I was confined to that letter and made me think even more that I must reach my peak and find the answers that I need"

Lara knew that it would not be easy to search for answers, but increasingly she had desire to search for the secrets of his family.

Lara when looking for old books, his Butler question:
-Lara why are you so desperate seeing these old books?
-Wiston, I don't know where to look for my life and my thoughts are messed up thanks to letter from my father!
-Lara don't worry you will find what you're looking for, all find and his father found it too!
-Have you met my father so well?
-Of course, work the years in this House, I've never seen you so interested in its history!
-I would like to help me remember my past!
-But of course!

After the Wiston confirm that could help Lara, she sees that should have been interested much earlier by their story because the more time passed, more traces are found the same might end up with its history and into the wrong hands mainly.Including their own relatives who are very interested in his fortune.

In your library Lara hears a strange noise soon follows and finds an old frame and forgotten by her, it contained some Scriptures on the Maya civilization and about the concept that the long forgotten had an artifact with it was possible to control the time, space, death, growth, chronology, order but in the frame with the painting did not say exactly how was this artifact more Yes what could causeLara, if not lived with just those scriptures then began to take the image of the frame and spotted a map.The map led to an ancient Mayan temple that was unknown to the world.

-Lara's Thoughts:
"I'm so tired and don't know more on what to believe, these days are turbulent environment.Does this map has something relating to my father or and only a few relevant myth or ancient scriptures, I cannot let this hinder me all my adventures me chased off of the secrets of my family don't want that to happen again. "

Now Lara has the great task of choosing the future of the people who most love.It seems that again the fate is in the hands of our heroine Lara Croft, she will have to shoulder the burden of her father and discover this mysterious hidden artifact the centuries of mankind.
Still in your library Lara finds a book with the title "the mystery behind the magic of words of Catherine"

Lara demonstrates a smile stamped on the face with a voice of surprise says:
-Found It!
Wiston rushes to discover what the young Lara had found
-What happened?
-I found the book that my father had mentioned in his letter!
-Wow, this is great now you should read it and find the big secret and find the citation.
-I'll start!

Lara with wide-eyed and almost eating the words of the book, begins to identify with the story of writer that was forgotten by the people the most renowned of England already with eyes aching she sees the quote that his father mentioned in his letter, After the citation had a very detailed explanation:
"When did you mean constâncias really said an indecisive of human thought, overcoming challenges is not as easy as many think, the fear is so hard to escape more surpassing the challenges you lose the fear and is really what matters, and is what will change in you this will be the extraordinario in you"

Lara thrilled found in the words of Catherine to overcome and the desire to explore both sides both the story of his family as the great Mayan artifact.

-Lara's Thoughts:
"Any act not only to satisfy a greater good more Yes to satisfy your inner or yourself, more now encounter forces to satisfy both sides"

It seems that their feelings are starting to be shaken, strong girl figure that surpasses its challenges is turning into a fragile girl who needs to find forces inside it.
Lara knew that it would not be easy to make this decision but she should find forces in mysterious words of Catherine. Lara sees a photo of Catherine and their traits, their physiognomy was very similar to hers.Now Lara was able to understand and find the key to the mystery, noted the background of the photo of Catherine seemed a place in Mexico soon realized that the points were beginning to connect and that Catherine could be the key to the mystery.

(Photo by Catherine)
Your Butler approaching slowly and question:
-Lara what exactly you're looking for?
-Wiston it seems that the dots are starting to connect and I realize that my story goes beyond my expectation!
Wiston realizes that Lara is would be and seems not kidding with their history and are taking really seriously something that wouldn't years ago!

-Lara's Thoughts:
"There is something more important than logic: the imagination.Then I have to imagine how it must be and look for more traces that Catherine, soon I see that my perception was completely wrong and everything is connected to me and that Catherine would be a writer or would be something not human "

Lara anda more confusing, this story is leaving nonexistent facts and confusing even more, the burden of which his father spoke is really making a big weight in the consciousness of Lara Croft.
Lara was willing to prepare a trip to the old ruins of Mexico, and discover facts attesting to this story, he realized that he should seek the photo place and discover "the secret of reign Croft".

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